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Poem - Last Illness

Last Illness
O. Kris Widmer
June 13, 20051:50 p.m.
Written during a Two Funeral Week
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Poem - Right Eye

Right Eye O. Kris Widmer 4/27/2017
Three Word Wednesday:  Required:     Pluck, Rebel, Shady

My sister trims our mother’s eyebrows, plucking the longest hairs - Then ushers her into the last shower she will have in a week.We must keep
soaping agents out of her eye, We browse magazines while our friendly friend (an Ophthalmologist) coaxes out the hazy lens out of her Right eye
The surgery is successful and we take her home. Come nightfall, we put on the provided eye-patch and tuck the octogenarian pirate rebel into her covers.
Tomorrow, she will spend another day within the shady shadows of her oversized goggles to emerge with 20/30 vision, and await a repeat performance

Divine Signs

Recently I made the decision to leave pastoral ministry and respond to God's call to chaplain ministry.  Read on down to hear of the amazing divine confirmation signs I was given.


Divine Signs O. Kris Widmer
This journal entry is to record a confirmation of my new call to Chaplain ministry.I want it written down and printed out…and blogged and Face Booked too…so it will remind me in the doubts that may eventually come my way.
I want to tell you of the amazing heavenly “signs” of affirmation that happened over the weekend.There are times we have all asked for signs and not received them.There are times we have asked for a heaven sent sign and received them.This time, I didn’t ask for a sign…but got two of them anyway.(God is like that, you know.Gracious.)
After I had made the decision to transition to chaplain and told my local Adventist conference leaders and the church head elder…but before announcing it at the church board meeting…God sent me these two heavenly affirmations.

Poem - Crumbs

Crumbs O. Kris Widmer Idea:  3/18/2017  Printed: 3/18/2017 Based on Matthew 15:21-28 Using the Required Words from Three Word Wednesday Abandoned, Babyish, Culling are required words Several definition words have been used throughout. The tired woman from Tyre and Sidon sidled up to Him.  She had called out To her stone-based gods, but they had abandoned her. But the newly flesh-based God had heard her. He was in town.  She had heard of him, but wondered if her babyish Aramaic Would catch His attention.  It was worth a try. Nothing else had worked.  She shouted!  “Have mercy…Lord! Son of David…my daughter...wild convulsions…cunning demons”