Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Poem - For Greta J

For Greta J.
O. Kris Widmer    June 13, 2012
Written while Candace (J.) J. and family were our house guests.

It has taken a while
but I hardly ever think of that October.
Details have left me.
(Was it '83 or '84?)

That horrible month when you and Rob's mom - Mrs. Nelson -
(I can't recall of her first name.)
ended it all.
She jumped in front of a train.
You slipped a noose around your neck and leapt from the ladder.
Quite the Sabbath afternoon surprise for Dr. Cliff
(I remember his name too)
Depression is a killer.

You never got to see your sweet[1] daughter
walk the aisle with her man,
or carry his children,
or raise them
to be the awesome teens they are today.

Sorry you missed it all.
I know they miss you.

But...we all cling to life
and make the daily choice to be happy
and to laugh and ride roller-coasters
no matter how bad it gets for us.

But every once in a while
I still murmur your name.
Greta, what a shame!

Written with the Three Word Wednesday Prompt for 6/13/2012 
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[1] Her name as a teen was Candy.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Poem - Request and Disclosure

Poem prompted from

Request and Disclosure
O. Kris Widmer

do not fawn over me,
i am fine.
these tears are nothing
and this grimace will pass.
i am just trying
to juggle
my current reality
with my churchy upbringing.

i'll be all right
just not now.
now, i look out at the fog,
squint down at my instruments,
twiddle with switches and buttons,
and pray to God
there is a way to navigate this family to a safe landing.

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